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December 7-11: Iceland - Witness the Northern Lights

December 9-21: Bhutan - Getting off the Grid

January 20 - February 2: Rediscovering Vietnam 

February 17 - March 2: India - Off the Beaten Path

July 2019: 'Eclipse Mania' in the Southern Cone


Travel Peace Corps Style

Travel in the way only the Peace Corps Community knows how to. Get out there, on the ground, off the beaten path - whatever you want to call it. We know the Peace Corps Community are the best travelers out there: hyper-sensitive to local intricacies, adventurous and risk-taking, not afraid to have new experiences - in fact often embracing them and the challenge they represent. It is for this reason that we at Next Step Travel (A National Peace Corps Association Program) seek to provide Peace Corps Alumni and their friends and family the opportunity to travel together and interact with currently serving volunteers when possible. Check us out below. We know you won't regret it.


off the beaten path

Perhaps the one thing that connects the PC community most is that we're all a little "different". After all, serving in the PC is not for the faint of heart. That being understood, we seek to provide destinations off the usual tourist path - understanding that our community values the hidden gems that this world has to offer.

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travel with the pc community

Former Peace Corps Volunteers, friends, and family make for some of the best travel companions you can imagine. High on spontaneity and low on maintenance, these new friends will surely become friends for life.

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interact with current pc posts

If our destination has a currently active Peace Corps post, we will do our best to visit with the in-country HQ as well as interact with currently serving volunteers: no other travel program can guarantee this experience. 


About NPCA

National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) envisions a united and vibrant Peace Corps community - one that is mobilized to create social change. To achieve this vision, NPCA champions lifelong commitment to Peace Corps ideals. That means we support all of you - current and returned Peace Corps volunteers, current and former staff, host country nationals, family and friends - in your efforts to create a world that reflects these ideals. NPCA has three specific goals that advance this mission:

  1. Help the Peace Corps be the best that it can be
  2. Empower members and affiliate groups to thrive
  3. Amplify the Peace Corps community’s global development impact

*Part of your proceeds received from traveling with us will go back towards helping fund NPCA's Social Mission. So not only will you receive an amazing travel experience, you'll be supporting a good cause simultaneously - the best of both worlds!

My personal thanks to NPCA for a well-organized, one-of-a-kind trip.
— Next Step Traveler
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