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dec 7–11 | 2018

 Learn about Iceland’s unique culture and history, bask in geothermal spas, and experience the magical long sunrises and sunsets of the Icelandic winter. At night, imagine yourself bundled up, inspired from the day’s magnificent hike, surrounded by new and old NPCA friends—until the sky suddenly begins to glow in greens, yellows, and even blues with the pulsating aurora borealis.



DECEMBER 9–21 | 2018

Recently added to everyone's bucket list, this land-locked, mountainous country has been shrouded in mystery for decades. Behind the veil, it has been discovered that this nation has been reluctant to adopt some of the omnipresent technology changes that we've witnessed in the 21st century. Renowned for it's Gross National Happiness index, join us as we seek to get down to the truth of the matter: why is Bhutan so different? Or is it?

South America Solar Eclipse

july | 2019

We all got 'Eclipse Mania' in 2017, so follow the wonder to its newest home: the Southern cone of South America. While witnessing the best that our natural universe has to offer, also enjoy some of the delicacies of life in some of South America's more delightful locales.


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