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The Amazon

april 7–13 | 2019

On this Amazonian odyssey, explore all the natural splendor and glory, and all that is still shrouded in mystery. Here pink dolphins glide up and down the river, sloths meander through the trees, and over 16 species of monkeys can be found. Hike through pristine and unique rainforest ecosystems, paddle through other worldly flooded forests, and have the unique experience to learn about the way of life and culture of the local Ribereño people.




april 6-19 | 2019

Consider the sights and sounds of Morocco. Bustling souks. Daily calls to prayer. Hot desert sun. Cold mountain snow. Brilliant blue ocean.  Morocco sits at the crossroads between Europe and Africa with a rich history and culture.  Add in Peace Corps service by more than 4,800 Volunteers dating back to 1963 in education and youth development.  Absorb this amazing diversity of experiences with our unique Peace Corps perspective.

South America Solar Eclipse

july 2019

We all got 'Eclipse Mania' in 2017, so follow the wonder to its newest home: the Southern cone of South America. While witnessing the best that our natural universe has to offer, also enjoy some of the delicacies of life in some of South America's more delightful locales.




august 2019

Journey to the “eighth continent” for a chance to discover the endemic plants and wildlife of one of the world’s most unique biodiversity hotspots —Madagascar! From lemurs and chameleons to its breathtaking scenery, the incredible diversity of Madagascar’s native species inhabit a range of ecosystems across varied and stunning landscapes. Discover important conservation initiatives within national parks and private reserves, and gain a deeper understanding of Madagascan life in both villages and cities. This specially designed expedition will balance our interest to explore education, healthcare, and the economy of the world’s 4th largest island.




october 2019

This comprehensive adventure brings you up close with Tanzania’s most famous wildlife as well as its peoples. Interactions with the Maasai and Hadzabe Bushmen, plus visits to farms, schools, and health clinics add context and authenticity to the cultural education. The expedition culminates in the legendary Serengeti, where you will see the vast migrating herds and many predators who follow them. Our camps are positioned right where the seasonal migrations are most prolific. Not only that, your game viewing takes place on foot as well as in safari vehicles, a rare approach that provides the most up-close and thrilling safari experience ever.




october | 2019

Join us to see how past, present, and future intertwine in the breadbasket of the ancient world, Egypt—one of the most advanced civilizations for three millennia. Encounter epic edifices that have defined the course of history camelback, and learn about the enduring fascinations of the pantheon of over 2,000 deities from expert Egyptologists. Unearth “the Gift of the Nile” from a local’s perspective, meandering together through alleyways, markets and mosques, drinking in the scents of shisha smoke and ginger and creating indelible memories we’ll bring into the afterlife.




november | 2019

From sparkling, ornate temples to pristine island beaches, Thailand offers adventures that are paradoxically strange yet familiar. In the steam of this balmy tropical country, you’ll explore how Buddhist traditions shape everyday life while enjoying fresh mangoes, coconuts, and spicy Thai treats. Indulge in all that makes up this never-been-colonized nation. Like the spicy, sweet, sour, salty, and bitter flavors that make up all Thai cuisine, much of Thai life is peppered with contrasts.




december | 2019

Imagine yourself in Cuba with an adventurous group of returned Peace Corps volunteers, enjoying rooftop views, listening to jazz and rumba, and reflecting on the island’s remarkable history and fascinating future.




january | 2020

Experience the surf, sand, and spirituality of this magnificent gem of the Indonesian archipelago. We will bounce from beach to rice paddy, from private yoga overlooking the steamy jungle to exclusive dinner with the Balinese Royal family, from snorkel to temple. Through millennia of trade and cross-cultural influence Bali has maintained a unique culture and outlook. Learn why this tropical atoll has been dubbed the jewel of the South Pacific for centuries.


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