Peruvian Amazon

April 7–13 | 2019


On this Amazonian odyssey, explore all the natural splendor and glory, and all that is still shrouded in mystery. Also discover what it means to be living in Peru today, and what modern Peru is all about. As in all of our trips, efforts will be made to engage with locals firsthand, and engage with communities and community based organizations – giving it that Peace Corps flare.



April 7–13 | 2019

Peruvian Amazon

Trip Highlights

Epic journey into the heart of the Amazon The most mega-diverse region in all of the Amazon could easily be the Area de Conservacion Regional Comunal de Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo (ACRCTT). Biologists refer to this region as the “green paradise” of the Amazon rainforest. Here pink dolphins glide up and down the river, sloths meander through the trees, and over 16 species of monkeys can be found as well as over 600 species of birds, and much more. Hike through pristine and unique rainforest ecosystems, paddle through other worldly flooded forests, and have the unique experience to learn about the way of life and culture of the local Ribereño people.

  • Leading Biodiversity Access to the 1 million-acre Tahuayo Reserve (ACRCTT). Described by biologists as having the greatest biodiversity yet documented in the Amazon basin. Especially rich in Monkeys (16 species), birds (over 600 species) and other species such as 2 species of freshwater dolphins.

  • Private Guide You will be assigned a private guide who will customize your itinerary to your daily needs and interests. The guides have the best skills and highest training standards found anywhere in the Amazon. Guides are fluent in English/Spanish and are certified in wilderness first aid.

  • Canopy Experience The only Iquitos based outfit with a canopy exploration complex. The Canopy Experience, which includes 5 canopy platforms, 3 zip-lines and a walkway, are all more than 30 meters above the forest floor.

  • Community Close relations are maintained with the local community. The community support program has built the finest rural health clinic in the Amazon and pays for staff, equipment and supplies. With this fine clinic there is close access to medical care should the need arise. Are currently building a high school for the communities of the upper Tahuayo River.

  • Safety Unlike other regions to the south, the blackwater ecosystems of the Tahuayo River basin do not have the mosquito species Anopheles darlingi or Aedes aegypti, thus there is no zika, malaria or yellow fever. No malaria preventatives or vaccinations are necessary for the trip.

  • Active Research The lodges host an active program of scientific research and affiliation with leading universities and other institutions.


Prices are based on the sharing of rooms and single members of the group will be put together in a twin room with 2 separate beds. (If you wish to have a private room to yourself, there is a single supplement available.)


While the tour itself is not very strenuous, please note that it can involve the following: somewhat long days, a good amount of walking (sometimes with luggage - for this reason it is recommended to pack light - and sometimes up and down varied elevations or over uneven surfaces), being in the sun in potentially hot temperatures, long journeys by bus or train (including overnight trips), early morning wake-ups and other similarly challenging scenarios. If you have any medical conditions, there will be opportunity for you to make us aware of them, and than we can determine if the trip is appropriate for you.


Includes all costs in Amazon

 All land and water transfers

 Lodging

 Buffet meals

 Private guide

 Excursions customized to your liking

 Gear such as jungle boots, harness, etc.

 Free wifi, entrance fees, conservation fees, port taxes, etc.


Soda, beer, souvenirs, tips, laundry.


Your initial payment is non-refundable. Additional refunds are based on land cost per person at the time the trip provider receives written notice that a client must cancel. All notices shall be sent to and received at

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Full trip price - $1495

INCAN extension available (arranged directly with tour operator)

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This purchase and the associated trip is made available via a close partnership with Amazonia Expeditions–a tour operator with close Peace Corps ties.




The city of Iquitos, Peru is our home base for our Amazon River expedition to the lodges some 4 hours up river. Iquitos is the largest city in the world that is not accessible by road. This is where your adventure will begin. Following are suggested flights for your travels. If you would like us to arrange flights for you, please let us know.

Day 1 - Arrive to Iquitos, Peru

Important: You must arrive to Iquitos before mid-day (12:30pm) on this day. Our speedboat heading to the lodge will depart after the arrival of LATAM 2240.

• Airport pickup

• Speedboat transfer (note--is 4 hours) up the Amazon River, then the Tahuayo tributary to the lodge.

• Evening excursion of your choice

Day 2-4 at the Tahuayo Lodge

The main lodge is not a resort, nor a hotel, but a rustic lodge, comfortable for adventurous travelers. Cabins are private and all (except student cabins) have private bathrooms. Explore from the lodge with your private guide in and around the Tahuayo Reserve. We offer fully customizable itineraries and excursions day and night. To get you started, here is a list of some of our more popular excursions:

  1. The Canopy Experience – Hike or canoe (depending on the season) through Igapo forest to reach a canopy zipline complex.
  2. Igapo forest exploration – Explore the Igapo (flooded) forest with your guide in search of wildlife. Go by foot or canoe while searching for beautiful birds, primates, and other wildlife.
  3. Tahuayo River Exploration – Go by boat with your private guide to explore the Tahuayo River. Here you can spot colorful birds (macaws, tanagers, hawks) sloths, and monkeys along the riverbank.
  4. Cultural visit – take a short boat ride over to the nearby village of El Chino. This is an experience designed to see how people live in one of the most remote places on theplanet. First start by a visit to a local farm where you will learn about medicinal plants and local crops. Next, visit a local school, learn about the school construction and challenges faced by local people. After visiting the school, visit a woman’s cooperative center “Manos Amazonicas”. Founded in 2009 by non-profit Angels of the Amazon, this cooperative supports the local women of the villages in creating traditional arts and crafts made from 100% plant-based materials sustainably harvested for the forest. Since the baskets are woven by the local women, their economic empowerment has helped them find a voice in their communities thus uplifting their self-esteem and self-worth in their villages and in their homes. Follow and help these amazing women step by step as they turn these raw plants from the jungle into amazing handmade crafts.
  5. Excursion to Tabano Lake – Hike or canoe around Tabano Lake. This is a remote oxbow lake with a large diversity of wildlife. Search for the spectacular hoatzin (one of the world’s most interesting and unique birds), black caiman, horned screamers, turtles, tamarins, titi monkeys and much more.
  6. Piranha fishing – Head by boat early in the morning or late afternoon to fish for the infamous Amazonian piranha.
  7. Frog Valley – For this full day excursion take a motorboat up the Rio Blanco to visit frog valley. Hike through the dense Terra Firme (permanently dry) jungle searching for beautiful little poison dart frogs.
  8. Dolphin search – search for the rare Amazonian Pink Dolphin and swim in the lake (wet season, best)
  9. Night excursions – if you are still feeling adventurous into the night we offer a variety of night excursions.

• Go for a night hike or canoe ride to search for scorpions, tarantulas, snakes and other nocturnal wildlife.

• Explore by boat on the Tahuayo or Blanco river, here you can search for caimans, snakes, and frogs.

• Test your jungle skills and try fishing like the locals do, with a spear and a headlamp! (Best during dry season)

• If you are in the mood to relax, sometimes it is nice to just go down the Tahuyao River and find a spot to enjoy the constellations while you listen to the jungle sounds all around you - have you ever seen the night sky with NO night pollution?

Day 5-6 at the Amazon Research Center

Depart the main lodge in the morning en route to the Amazon Research Center (ARC). The Research Center is more remote and about 2 hours up river from our main lodge. Cabins are private, simple and comfortable, all have shared bathrooms.

Trail Grid - There are over 75 km of hiking trails from the research center. Most of the trails are laid out in a grid to facilitate the scientific collection of population data (In the rainy season these may become canoe trails). The trails go through several ecosystems, including bajial, high and low restinga, palm swamp and terra firme. We can see many different species of monkeys, including brown and white capuchins, saki monkeys, titi monkeys, squirrel monkeys, pygmy marmosets, moustached tamarins, saddle-backed tamarins, sometimes uakaris, as well as giant tayra weasels and tamandua anteaters. Data collected from camera traps also reveal a high density of jaguar live here, but these are rarely seen.

Boating the various lakes and rivers from the research center we often see caiman as well as the highly endangered giant river otter.

Hiking to Lake Yarina - (full day) (dry season best) We can see hoatzins on their nests, blue and yellow macaws and caiman.

Day 7 - Return to Iquitos

Depart the Amazon Research Center and return to the main lodge. Search for wildlife along the way. (Optional) Move on to Andean Extension.

• Afternoon boat ride back to Iquitos

• Transfer to airport or hotel

Important: Your flight must depart Iquitos 6:00pm or later on this day unless moving on to Andes Extension.

A Note on the Final Itinerary:

Itineraries and pricing are subject to change. This particular tour has been designed with specific events in mind, and schedules and availabilities may change in coming months. If any activity or person that is advertised is missed or not available, it will be replaced with an activity or person of equal interest and value.  A final itinerary and briefing packet will be ready two weeks before the trip.