Peace Corps Place


completion: january 2020

Cost: $4,500,000


Peace Corps Place welcomes home all members of the Peace Corps community to gather and share stories. It will offer networking opportunities, transition support and resources, professional development, Third Goal engagement, and other opportunities for continued service to others.

Nestled in the heart of the Truxton Circle neighborhood in Washington, D.C., Peace Corps Place is a well-positioned hub for the Peace Corps community. It will simultaneously serve as a meeting place for kindred spirits, a center for capacity building, and a launching pad for Peace Corps community projects at home and abroad. Peace Corps Place houses distinct planned spaces: WorldView Café on the ground floor (open to the public), the second floor resource center and co-work space, the National Peace Corps Association office on the top floor, and a lower level lounge, exhibit, and event space. While some spaces are designed to immerse the public in the Peace Corps experience, the prime focus is empowering Peace Corps community members to thrive.


WorldView Cafe


Connect with others through conversations and storytelling in an environment designed to evoke the Peace Corps experience, with museum exhibits and retail that highlight our common cause.

Resource Center


A base of Peace Corps community expertise, where members can find a clearinghouse of best practices for creating impact, career counseling and mentoring, and opportunities for continued service at home and abroad.

Lounge & Events

A flexible venue that can adapt to various needs: lounge areas can transform to hold workshops, cultural fairs, reunions, exhibits, or any event that advances the goals of our community.

NPCA Office


NPCA’s headquarters will host programs that help Peace Corps be the best it can be, empower community members and local groups to thrive, and amplify our community’s global social impact.


How You Can Help


Our overall goal for the Peace Corps Community Combined Campaign is $40 million, to be raised over five years, with some of the funds expended over ten years. The funds will be allocated on a timetable of needs in the following breakdown*:

$4,500,000 - Peace Corps Place

$11,000,000 - Peace Corps Community Center

$500,000 - Peace Corps Documentary

$7,500,000 - Peace Corps Park

$3,500,000 - Museum of the Peace Corps Experience

$10,000,000 - The Future Peace Corps Foundation