The Future Peace Corps Foundation


Completion: 2024

Cost: $10,000,000

The Peace Corps community has no shortage of ideas and initiatives that aim to contribute to the greater good. Presently, a few of these initiatives find modest support through NPCA’s Community Fund. By expanding our base of financial support through the Combined Campaign, we can convert the under-powered Community Fund into a full-fledged grant-making vehicle that can catalyze many more worthy initiatives. The Peace Corps Foundation will have the capacity to solicit millions in private sector support from corporations, foundations, and governments as well as individuals to address the broader needs for Peace Corps community impact.

The Future Peace Corps Foundation will act as a vital catalyst to turn our community’s ideas into reality by:

  • Providing critical grants to Peace Corps Volunteers for projects undertaken during service

  • Funding domestic and overseas initiatives led by individual RPCVs or affiliate groups

  • Raising money for Peace Corps programs not funded by Congressional appropriations

  • Supporting the work of National Peace Corps Association, which enables all the above.


How You Can Help


Our overall goal for the Peace Corps Community Combined Campaign is $40 million, to be raised over five years, with some of the funds expended over ten years. The funds will be allocated on a timetable of needs in the following breakdown*:

$4,500,000 - Peace Corps Place

$11,000,000 - Peace Corps Community Center

$500,000 - Peace Corps Documentary

$7,500,000 - Peace Corps Park

$3,500,000 - Museum of the Peace Corps Experience

$10,000,000 - The Future Peace Corps Foundation