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Peace Corps Community Center


completion: 2024

Cost: $11,000,000


The Peace Corps Community Center, to be located just blocks from the Peace Corps agency headquarters and Capitol Hill, will transform the 22,000-square-foot former Langston School building into a thriving hub of Third Goal engagement. Once renovated, the former school will be a center for learning and service, where the Peace Corps community can model best practices in promoting prosperity and peace right here at home. It will incorporate additional spaces, including an auditorium / event space and an expanded WorldView Café and Market.


Museum of the Peace Corps Experience

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An interactive learning experience built around artifacts and stories brought back by Peace Corps Volunteers, with mobile and virtual exhibits that can reach a broader audience.


WorldView Café & Market


A gathering place where both community members and the public can mingle in a Peace Corps-inspired environment and buy goods produced by Peace Corps entrepreneurs.

Auditorium & Event Space


A venue for diverse workshops, films, talks, and events that foster community building and public education, with technology that will enhance virtual participation.

Peace Corps Writers’ Library

A growing collection of publications by members of the Peace Corps Community, accessible to all who seek to heighten their understanding of world cultures and global issues.

Peace Corps House


A settlement house designed to model best practices for promoting prosperity and peace in local communities, with resources that can be shared with the wider Peace Corps community.


How You Can Help


Our overall goal for the Peace Corps Community Combined Campaign is $40 million, to be raised over five years, with some of the funds expended over ten years. The funds will be allocated on a timetable of needs in the following breakdown*:

$4,500,000 - Peace Corps Place

$11,000,000 - Peace Corps Community Center

$500,000 - Peace Corps Documentary

$7,500,000 - Peace Corps Park

$3,500,000 - Museum of the Peace Corps Experience

$10,000,000 - The Future Peace Corps Foundation