Peace Corps Community Combined Campaign

Breaking ground on a more visible,

united & empowered Peace Corps Community

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Catalyzing Our Community

When President John F. Kennedy launched the Peace Corps on March 1, 1961, he spoke of the great common cause of bringing “that decent way of life which is the foundation of freedom and a condition of peace.” Now—when billions around the world continue to face conflict, poverty, disease, and the erratically changing climate—that great common cause is more urgent than ever.

Expanding Our reach

Peace Corps is arguably America’s most effective grassroots program for human development and cross-cultural bridge-building, and its return on investment is unmatched. Yet public awareness of the government agency’s record of achievement is limited and its impact is vastly under-appreciated.


It’s time to take the next big step

as we approach the 60th Anniversary of the Peace Corps, it is time to be bold.

In recent years, we have witnessed an unprecedented movement of the Peace Corps community around our common cause of prosperity and world peace. The Combined Campaign for the Peace Corps Community seeks to act as a catalyst, turning motivation into tangible results. By ushering the spirit and resources of our community, the Combined Campaign will dramatically raise our visibility, transform the American public’s view of Peace Corps, and lay the foundation for greater impact both at home and abroad.



The Combined Campaign encompasses six independent community-driven initiatives. Together, these initiatives represent the vibrancy of a united and empowered Peace Corps community, a vibrant network of over 235,000 individuals who share the Peace Corps experience, organized through more than 180 grassroots groups that bring about social change.


peace corps place

Peace Corps Place welcomes home all members of the Peace Corps community to gather and share stories, access resources, and engage Peace Corps ideals in continued service to others.

Peace Corps Community Center

The Center is strategically located between the new Peace Corps Headquarters, Peace Corps Place, and Capitol Hill in the Truxton Circle neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

The Peace Corps Documentary

Narrated by Annette Bening, A Towering Task explores how the Peace Corps came to be, how the agency has transformed since its founding in 1961, and what its future might hold.


Peace Corps Park

Originally known as Peace Corps Commemorative, Peace Corps Park will be an homage to the American beliefs that motivated the creation of the Peace Corps and will inspire visitors of all ages.

Museum of the Peace Corps Experience

The Museum will feature artifacts acquired by Peace Corps Volunteers from 1961 until today, as well as exhibits that will travel across the country.

Future Peace Corps Foundation

The Future Peace Corps Foundation acts as a vital catalyst to turn our community’s change-making ideas into reality at home and abroad, amplifying our global Impact.

How You Can Help


Our overall goal for the Peace Corps Community Combined Campaign is $40 million, to be raised over five years, with some of the funds expended over ten years. The funds will be allocated on a timetable of needs in the following breakdown*:

$4,500,000 - Peace Corps Place

$11,000,000 - Peace Corps Community Center

$500,000 - Peace Corps Documentary

$7,500,000 - Peace Corps Park

$3,500,000 - Museum of the Peace Corps Experience

$10,000,000 - The Future Peace Corps Foundation


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