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Kazakhstan: From the World’s Fair to the Silk Road

Join us as we journey to the World’s Fair in Kazakhstan! In addition to exploring the fair and the futuristic new capital, Astana, we will venture into the old capital Almaty and its environs. In Kyrgyzstan (a possible extension trip), we will traverse three different branches of the famed Silk Road as well as take in all the forested mountains and lush, grassy Steppe.

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This is an encore of our spring trip! Building on a legacy of 4,800 Volunteers dating back to 1963, Next Step Travel's trips to Morocco build on a depth of experience found nowhere else. Walk the medinas and souks of Fes, Meknes and Marrakesh. Spend a night by the desert dunes. Meet with serving Volunteers and Peace Corps Morocco staff. Coordinated in collaboration with Friends of Morocco.

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