Globetrotting for Good

 Let me recommend the National Peace Corps Association's Next Step Travel program.

I was on the first trip to Cuba this program had, and let me tell you, if you want to travel with anyone, you want to travel with RPCVs. RPCVs “get it” — especially when traveling to places like Cuba, Colombia, or anywhere else the NPCA goes. You can't surprise RPCVs with what is waiting once they debark. I had a terrific time in Cuba, as I am sure all of our small group did, even though we had some of the usual incidents you'd expect touring a (still) developing country. (Like, make sure you bring toilet paper with you when leaving the hotel!) Plus, traveling with RPCVs,  you have the opportunity to share those familiar tales that always begin, "One time when I was in  _____ (fill in your site).

Next Step Travel/NPCA is well worth the $ and time and you'll have a fabulous time. — John Coyne

Next Step Travel