Why We Love to Travel

1. See Something New

Tapping into that deep, internal, embedded sense of exploration. Wanting to know what’s inside the cookie jar. Understanding that life is short, and there’s a big world to see. And nothing beats that excitement of seeing something new for the first time.


2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

There’s something exhilarating about being pushed to your limits. Experiencing something you’ve never experienced before can really take you there. Stepping out of your comfort zone. Not just dipping your toe in the water, but fully embracing plunging in.


3. Understand Different Cultures

From the people, to the cuisine, to religion, to song, to dance. To everything! Understanding things you’ve heard about on the news or read about–but being there on the ground gives it a whole different meaning. Gaining a deeper appreciation of the human fabric and the beauty of it in all its manifestations.

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4. Natural Wonders

While humanity is great and all, there is also something to be said for the awe-inspiring and breathtaking natural phenomena and wonders that our home, Earth, has to offer. Experiencing these firsthand gives you a deeper appreciation for all life’s intricacies and uniqueness, and can often be humbling as you ponder your place amongst it all.


5. The Journey

The ups and downs. The stuff that goes right and the stuff that doesn’t. The fellow kindred souls you meet along the way, and the appreciation all of it brings.

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