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A program by the National Peace Corps Association 


NPCA’s Next Step Travel program provides 360-degree itineraries that combine unparalleled local access, cultural immersion, and non-extreme adventure, all with the unique Peace Corps perspective.


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What Makes our Trips Unique

Next Step Travel provides unparalleled local access that the Peace Corps community understands, loves, and appreciates. By globe-trotting on the ground level for an insider's look and perspective, NST is unlike any other travel program. Our purpose is to show you how a Peace Corps Volunteer would travel: getting off the beaten path and exploring all there is to offer.

Witnessing Service In Action

To the extent possible, all our trips try to engage with the Peace Corps community in-country—witnessing volunteers in action. If PC is not present in the country, then we do our best to engage with other NGOs and "do-good" organizations that might be of interest to our community.

Connection with the Peace Corps Community

Travelers have consistently shared that one of the best—and most surprising— aspects of Next Step Travel is the people: RPCVs are some of the most adventurous, free-spirited, and fun travelers you're ever likely to find. Enjoy the camaraderie of kindred spirits as you explore a new corner of the world together.


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