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— National Peace Corps Association

We are the Peace Corps community. We uphold Peace Corps ideals and advance Peace Corps-inspired initiatives. Nearly 220,000 strong, we are a powerful force for good & catalyze our community's influence by focusing on 3 primary objectives   


Raising up our Peace Corps

By organizing our community of 220,00 Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and building coalitions within Congress, the Office of Management and Budget, the White House, and the private sector to support a larger Peace Corps budget and the legislation needed to improve and expand its operations and raising the agency’s public profile to generate broad based public support.

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Policy Matter

The Peace Corps funding, mission, and size, as well as a lot of the agency details are governed by the Federal Peace Corps Act. As a result updates and improvements to the agency often require congressional intervention. We engage these members and facilitate our community's engagement of these members to help Peace Corps be the best it can be.    

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National Days of Action

Join us in the nation’s capital to urge Members of Congress to support a bigger, better Peace Corps, advocate alongside host country embassy representatives.  Registration is free.


District meetings

Support Peace Corps legislation and budget efforts by organizing solidarity events in every state, anytime in March as part of our National Days of Action. Join or organize an event near you. 


Passing Legislation

Though enjoying strong bipartisan support in Congress and across American society, the Peace Corps faces several issues where greater progress remains needed. 


A Community 200,000 Strong

We work to enable our community to better achieve Peace Corps’ Third Goal and to continue to foster positive change in the world by building infrastructure to support and organize for action the growing network of 225,000 RPCVs, former staff, family, and friends of the Peace Corps.



Over the last 36 years, NPCA has helped organize, promote, and build a robust network of more than 160 affiliate groups that provide a tangible sense of community for RPCVs, friends, and family as well as a vehicle to show their commitment to Peace Corps ideals. These groups are increasingly cause oriented, focusing their efforts and expertise on pressing issues—from championing Peace Corps agency reforms to influencing U.S. foreign policy; from supporting refugee resettlement to building intercultural bridges.




Continue making the world a better place.

Support community-based projects that make global giving more efficient, transparent and effective. Share your Peace Corps savvy to heighten development impact. Spur innovation to extend our influence. .

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The National Peace Corps Association is located in downtown Washington D.C. 


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